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Re: [Linphone-developers] Failure to establish ZRTP sessions using linph

From: Werner Dittmann
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Failure to establish ZRTP sessions using linphone-iphone built from source
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 08:07:07 +0100
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Am 17.01.2013 22:43, schrieb Eli Burke:
> I have compiled linphone-iphone from source, using "make all 
> enable_gpl_third_parties=yes enable_zrtp=yes"  and am now trying to verify 
> the functionality of the ZRTP integration. So far, I am not able to establish 
> a ZRTP-secured connection (SRTP works fine).
> Has anyone successfully used linphone with ZRTP since Linphone 2.0 was 
> released? I know ZRTP is not enabled in the App store version, so it would 
> have to be tested using a version you've built yourself.
> Some additional background: we are using Freeswitch and can successfully 
> establish ZRTP calls using the Groundwire app. When I try to call between 
> Groundwire and Linphone, I either get an unprotected phone call, or if I set 
> Groundwire to require ZRTP, it immediately hangs up. I also tried calling 
> between two instances of Linphone, and got the 'insecure call' icon. (vs SRTP 
> which showed the 'secure' padlock)
> Other notables:
> So far I have only tested in the Simulator, so it is possible ZRTP only works 
> on live hardware.
> and
> This is speculation, but to my untrained eye it looks like during an outbound 
> call 'zrtp-hash' is not listed in the SDP header, and in an incoming call it 
> is not being parsed.
Well, the 'zrtp-hash' is optional according to the ZRTP RFC. However, some 
rely on it to check if the other party supports ZRTP. AFAIK FreeSwitch uses it 

An application may use 'zrtp-hash' that way, but it is not recomended and also 
the real use case for 'zrtp-hash'. An application shall use the ZRTP discovery 
and send a ZRTP 'Hello' and if the other client replies with 'Hello'/'HelloAck' 
both support ZRTP. The application may use 'zrtp-hash' to apply additional 
checks, but
this is purly optional.

> Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

Not really :-) - except to check the ZRTP integration in Linphone, reading the 


> Thanks,
> Eli
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