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[Linphone-developers] Need Help : Unable to Open Camera in Linphone Usin

From: saurav maitra
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Need Help : Unable to Open Camera in Linphone Using MediaStreamer
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 19:08:57 +0530

Respected Sir,

I am currently trying to port Linphone to a Linux based Operating System based on ARM platform called Tizen.
I have completed the build of the latest version of Linphone (3.5.2) and also of the mediastreamer library (version 2.8.2). When I try to run the same on the device, I am able to receive/transfer sound between two devices using pulse audio. (Though the sound is accompanied with considerable amount of noise).

Whenever I enable the Video support of linphone, I am unable to open the web-cam of the device through  v4l2 video filter.

Hence, the audio call is possible, however no video call can be made. (Camera does not open)

I have observed that, linphone uses mediastreamer which in-turn uses msv4l and msv4l2 drivers to interact with the camera for linux PC. However, the Tizen (ARM & Linux based) device does not support v4l or v4l2 drivers.
The Tizen device, however uses Gstreamer to open its native camera.

To support video call in linphone, according to me, there can be two approaches and queries based on the same:

1. A separate Video(WebCam) Filter for interacting with the Tizen camera can be created inside mediastreamer, in this case, are there any examples (sample code)/demos/documentation which can help us create an effective video filter inside MediaStreamer? 

2. An alternative to MediaStreamer called Gstreamer can be used. In this case, I would like to know,  whether, there is any version of Linphone which has already been built with Gstreamer support. If so, I would be grateful, if you could kindly share the code/ location of the code.
Also, if not Gstreamer, is there any other streaming library which could be built with Linphone.

 Additionally, the audio call is also accompanied with a lot of noise, and we have tried "echo cancellation"  to no avail. If there can be anyway, the noise can be reduced during the calls.

Also, apart from these two approaches, if anything else could be done to enable video calling for the Tizen (ARM) based device, I would really appreciate if you could enlighten me with the same.

Lastly, the I would like to thank you for taking out the time to read and respond to these queries.
Any sought of help from your side would be highly appreciated.
Expecting a positive response. Thanking you in advance for the same.

Saurav Maitra

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