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[Linphone-developers] how to use mediastreamer2 tutorial program-- media

From: Wu Shan
Subject: [Linphone-developers] how to use mediastreamer2 tutorial program-- mediastream.c
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 22:02:21 +0800

Hi all, 

         I was trying to learn how to use mediastreamer2 library to make an easy

rtp program to send and receive the rtp packet. Based on the usage instruction, 

I issued command

#less /proc/asound/cards 

and figured out my sound card's name is  ENS1371

then I run the program with following input command:

#sudo ./mediastream --local 222 --remote TargetIP:222 --capture-card ENS1371

and it throws following ortp warning messages to me:

Remote addr: ip=TargetIP port=222
ortp-message-Mediastreamer2 2.8.2 (git: 2.8.2-120-g985da5a) starting.
ortp-message-Registering all soundcard handlers
ortp-message-Card 'OSS: /dev/dsp' added
ortp-message-Registering all webcam handlers
ortp-message-Webcam StaticImage: Static picture added
ortp-message-Loading ms plugins from [/usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins]
ortp-message-Cannot open directory /usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins: No such file or directory
ortp-message-ms_init() done
ortp-warning-no card with id ens1371
ortp-warning-cannot set noise gate mode to [0] because no volume send
ortp-warning-cannot set echo limiter to mode [0] because no volume send

Please teach me how to issue to correct command, so I can run this example program...

thanks in advance!!


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