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Re: [Linphone-developers] how to use mediastreamer2 tutorial program-- m

From: Wu Shan
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] how to use mediastreamer2 tutorial program-- mediastream.c
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 22:40:23 +0800

       I figured out that if I want to make example program, mediastream work, 

I should issue command at two different machines:

Machine A  ./mediastream --local 5010 --remote --payload 110
Machine B  ./mediastream --local 6014 --remote --payload 110

thus these two machines should have an rtp session with codec speex_nb[1] then machine A and B 

should be able to talk to each other. 


[1] payload type index is set by function rtp_profile_set_payload( ) defined in payloadtype.h 

#if defined (__ios) && defined (HAVE_X264)
        libmsx264_init(); /*no plugin on IOS*/

  Please let me know if I understand it in a wrong way. Thank you very much !!

2012/8/28 Wu Shan <address@hidden>
Hi all, 

         I was trying to learn how to use mediastreamer2 library to make an easy

rtp program to send and receive the rtp packet. Based on the usage instruction, 

I issued command

#less /proc/asound/cards 

and figured out my sound card's name is  ENS1371

then I run the program with following input command:

#sudo ./mediastream --local 222 --remote TargetIP:222 --capture-card ENS1371

and it throws following ortp warning messages to me:

Remote addr: ip=TargetIP port=222
ortp-message-Mediastreamer2 2.8.2 (git: 2.8.2-120-g985da5a) starting.
ortp-message-Registering all soundcard handlers
ortp-message-Card 'OSS: /dev/dsp' added
ortp-message-Registering all webcam handlers
ortp-message-Webcam StaticImage: Static picture added
ortp-message-Loading ms plugins from [/usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins]
ortp-message-Cannot open directory /usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins: No such file or directory
ortp-message-ms_init() done
ortp-warning-no card with id ens1371
ortp-warning-cannot set noise gate mode to [0] because no volume send
ortp-warning-cannot set echo limiter to mode [0] because no volume send

Please teach me how to issue to correct command, so I can run this example program...

thanks in advance!!


“This life always seems to me to be a continuing process of education 

and development. What we are preparing for, none of us can be sure.

But, that we must do our best while we are here and develop all our 

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~Eleanor Roosevelt 

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