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[Linphone-developers] Building for Android on Mountain Lion

From: Don Thorp (address@hidden)
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Building for Android on Mountain Lion
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 16:08:04 -0500

A couple of hints for building on Mountain Lion

I had to create symlinks for libtool and libtoolize. I pointed them at
the g* versions installed from 'brew install libtool'

If you get the following errors while preparing sources

    egrep: repetition-operator operand invalid
        [ASM CONVERSION] vp8/common/arm/neon/idct_dequant_0_2x_neon.asm.s
        [DEP] vp8/common/arm/neon/idct_dequant_0_2x_neon.asm.s.d
    egrep: repetition-operator operand invalid
    . . .

You need to fix the regular expression in

It's correct on the upstream sources but the external module in the
linphone repo hasn't been updated to grab the change.

on line 45 you need to change the regex to remove the + after the first ?


includes=$(egrep -i "include +\"?+[a-z0-9_/]+\.${sfx}" $srcfile |


includes=$(egrep -i "include +\"?[a-z0-9_/]+\.${sfx}" $srcfile |

Hope that helps anyone that hits this snag.

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