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[Linphone-developers] a linpone-android build problem.

From: Tony
Subject: [Linphone-developers] a linpone-android build problem.
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 11:39:26 +0800


               I am a newcomer of linpone from China Beijing. I had
download the linphone-android source code successfully ,and now begin
to build it,  but I came across a fatal problem that the ilbc library
can not be built because it had dependecy on libilbc-rfc3951, it said
that "iLBC_encode.h" and  "iLBC_decode.h"  can not be found , and I
turn to   libilbc-rfc3951/src/ directory,found that all files were end
with .c.md5  ,how should i build these file ?
where I could got the dependency files: "iLBC_encode.h" and  "iLBC_decode.h" ?

Thanks in Advance.

I have a strong desire to become  to a android superior; let us work
hard together!

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