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[Linphone-developers] port linphone-3.2.1 to arm board, no sound & stran

From: alex z
Subject: [Linphone-developers] port linphone-3.2.1 to arm board, no sound & strange issue
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 18:22:01 +0800

Hi All,

I just ported linphone to my arm board, and call it from PC (ubuntu), and found a strange issue:

1) Directly call from PC, No sound. 
Audio Streaming: Micphone(ARM BOARD) --> ALSA(ARM BOARD) --> Linphone(ARM BOARD) --> Linphone (PC) -->Earphone(PC). 

2) In ARM BOARD, Use command "soundcard use files", and then play a wav file, I can hear sound on earphone of PC.
Audio Streaming: Wav file(ARM BOARD) -> Linphone(ARM BOARD) --> Linphone (PC) --> Earphone(PC)

3) In PC, use command "soundcard use files" and then record a wav file. after end call, I can hear sound from wav file, this sound is really from Micphone of ARM BOARD.
Audio Streaming: Micphone(ARM BOARD) --> ALSA(ARM BOARD) -> Linphone(ARM BOARD) --> Linphone (PC) --> Record to a wav file.

and use wireshark to capture these voip call sessions, 
In case 1), have rtp packets from ARM board, but no sound In RTP Player of wireshark.
In case 3), have rtp packets from ARM board, and found sound in RTP Player of wireshark. But I found that, Drop by Jitter Buff is hight to 24.2%.

Anyone can help me? Any tips? Thanks!


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