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[Linphone-developers] playing wav files with mediastreamer2

From: Rob Barnes
Subject: [Linphone-developers] playing wav files with mediastreamer2
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 22:41:23 -0700

I am planning to use linphone for communication with an embedded board (gumstix). I need to also play short wav clips while communication is not active. I figured I could just use the mediastreamer2 library for playing these clips.

Right now I'm just testing on a host computer.
When I run: linphone_core_preview_ring(ls,"file.wav",NULL,NULL) everything works great. The reason I don't just use linphone_core_preview_ring() is that I would like more control over the output, such as being able to asynchronously stop the audio.

Inside linphone_core_preview_ring(), the function ring_start_with_cb() is called. So it seems what I should be able to just call ring_start_with_cb() or ring_start() on its own. Yet this fails with the error: "assertion 'sndcard!=NULL' failed".
The sndcard (lc->sound_conf.ring_sndcard) appears to be set inside liphone_core_new yet it is NULL when ever I test it. Even after a successful linphone_core_preview_ring() call, lc->sound_conf.ring_sndcard is still NULL.

Any suggestions?



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