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[Linphone-developers] Re: oRTP patch: parsing received RTCP packets

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Re: oRTP patch: parsing received RTCP packets
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 17:36:55 +0200
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I've merged your patch in the cvs.
Thanks a lot for this contribution.
I agree that now that RTCP packets are parsed we should have an api to present 
the resulting statistics to the programmer (future work...)
Thanks again

Le Lundi 13 Juin 2005 23:34, Nicola Baldo a écrit :
> Hi Simon & everybody,
> I've made some modifications to the oRTP library to add parsing of
> received RTCP packets. Please find attached the patch to the CVS version
> plus the oRTP/src/rtcpparse.c file I've written from scratch (it seems
> that you need write access to the CVS repository in order to do "cvs add
> <file>"...).
> I've added a general framework for parsing RTCP packets within a compoud
> RTCP packet; also, parsing of RTCP Sender Reports and Receiver Reports
> is included. Parsing of RTCP SDES, BYE and APP packet is still not
> implemented, but could be added easily.
> Parsing received RTCP packets gives access to a whole bunch of
> interesting statistics, e.g. Round Trip Time (for which I've implemented
> the calculation as per RFC 1889), packet count and packet losses at the
> other transmission end, etc.
> I think it could be nice and useful to store this information somewhere
> (what about session->rtp->stats ?). I've not done this myself in order
> to modify the original source code as little as possible.
> Of course, I would be delighted if this patch could be merged into the
> current version. Unfortunately, I have no time for further developments,
> at least in the near future...
> Regards,
> Nicola

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