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Re: [Linphone-developers] [Q] Bug of linphone-1.0.1?

From: Clement Chen
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] [Q] Bug of linphone-1.0.1?
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 11:29:15 +0800

Hi, Simon,
    Thank you a lot for the great comments. Since I don't know well
about the architecture for filters, readers, and writers, I'm sorry
for breaking the object model by my patch. I will follow your
suggestions to try a new patch in my leisure time but the schedule may
not be quaranteed. (sorry again...^^;;;) I'm trying to patch linphonec
to provide call hold and call transfer now... Because they are of
higher priorities for our pbx test automation.
    In line100~102 of sipomatic.c, the file to play is selected based
on the payload type, but the CLI doesn't provide options to setup
file_path16000hz, so I add the -f_16k option for it. The 'file_16k'
variable in the patch should be of type "gchar", isn't it? If you
meant the following function in linphonecore.c, the boolean variable
was used to make two functions ( linphone_core_set_play_file_8k ,
linphone_core_set_play_file_16k) a single one.
void linphone_core_set_play_file(LinphoneCore *lc, gchar *file2play,
gboolean is8000hz);
    Yes, I found MSRingPlayer too. I'll see if it can be reused. :)

    With the file playing features, we can generate a lot of linphone
robots to conduct performance tests for our pbx products. In addition,
voice quality measurement and voice mail feature test automation
become feasible now. ^_^

Thanks a lot!


On 6/1/05, Simon Morlat <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello Clement,
> Thanks for the patch. I took some time to review it. This is good and very
> complete work ..... but there's only one little detail that hurts me:
> extern gboolean play_file_stream;
> extern gboolean endless_play;
> That we can find in several places in your patch. This really breaks the
> object model followed by linphone. I think the place for those booleans is in
> AudioStream. The endless_play should be passed as argument to the MSRead
> using a ms_read_set_endless_mode() like function and may be stored in the
> MSRead structure for use within the process function.
> Then the LinphoneCore structure should own those boolean as well as the play
> file paths, then should pass it to AudioStream functions.
> All MSFilter objects should be independant. It should be possible to create a
> MSRead running in endless_play mode while another is not. Same thing for
> AudioStream: you should be able to create two AudioStream and run them
> simultaneously, each one with its own parameters.
> If you submit me another patch with this little problem fixed, I'll be happy
> to merge it into the CVS. If I had more time I could fix it myself but
> unfortunately this is not the case.
> Just one question: why did you add a file_16k boolean parameter while the rate
> is usually stored within the wav header of the file ? Note that the
> MSRingPlayer filter does the same thing as MSRead except that it is able to
> read wav files and it is already able to run in endless loop.
> Simon

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