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Re: [Linphone-developers] jack

From: Tobias Gehrig
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] jack
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 21:26:26 +0100

the original jack code I posted on the 27th of august connected to the
jack-daemon on startup and disconnected when closing linphone. I changed
that behavior to overcome the problem that when the jack daemon crashed
I had to restart linphone to be able to use jack. If you don't need the
ability to reconnect to jack when necessary, you can use the code I
posted first (27th august).
I think there are no big changes necessary to change the behavior as you
want it. If that is generally wanted I could change that.


Am Montag, den 01.11.2004, 14:56 +0000 schrieb Will Kemp:
> hi!
> i've got linphone working with jack now and it seems to work reasonably
> well - although my system hasn't really got enough ram, so it ain't
> working as well as it could be if i had another 512MB!
> anyway, it's pretty cool!
> but one thing that occurs to me is that when running with jack, linphone's
> audio interface needs to be persistent, rather than appearing when a call
> is in progress and then disappearing again. it makes it very awkward to
> connect other jack devices to it - as it's not there until the call's
> happening.  it's also not necessary for it to be disconnected when not in
> use, as it is with alsa or oss.
> is there any way to change this behaviour at the moment?
> thanks
> will
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