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Re: [Linphone-developers] media_api/

From: Sharath Udupa
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] media_api/
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 00:52:29 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Simon, 

sounds perfect. yesterday itself i hacked the
apitest.c from a idea perspective without giving much
thought to the actual parameters which i was going to
ask you today :)

you can go ahead and commit the

when will the 0.9.0pre1 go out?


--- Simon Morlat <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Sharath,
> How are you ?
> A few days ago I committed on cvs a
> media_api/ (version 1.3)
> that should be a good basis for having a good
> Makefile for the
> media_api. Unfortunately I forgot to inform you
> quicly of this change I
> made within your directory, and so you overwrote
> this change...
> However with "cvs update -r 1.3" I could
> get this change
> back.
> I also add if and endif so that the media_api is
> only build when you
> ./configure with --enable-video . As I'm preparing a
> new release that I
> hope to get out soon, I need linphone to compile
> without media_api as
> long as it is not finished.
> Can I commit this media_api/ to overwrite
> your last one ?
> I will add also some directive for your api_test.c
> program.
> Now some information about the progress of the
> project:
> * I'm finishing linphone-0.9.0 (it had lots of bug).
> This version
> includes the speex codec (a new free codec, works
> very well). It works
> with the mediastreamer using a quick hack done in
> mediastreamer/audiostream.c. I've rewritten
> sipomatic and move it to the
> console directory. Now sipomatic should be able to
> handle multiples
> calls at the same time (thing it could not do before
> mediastreamer). I
> hope to put it running on, so that
> users will only have to
> call sip:address@hidden to test their linphone. 
> As it is the first time the mediastreamer is used, I
> fear that some bugs
> are remaining... That's why I will release
> officially a
> linphone-0.9.0pre1 said unstable, and if user's
> feedback is good, it
> will become the official linphone-0.9.0 . I just
> want to tell the users
> that linphone-0.9.0pre1 may be unstable and that I
> need their feedback,
> otherwise if they are disappointed because of bugs,
> they may definitely
> think that linphone is declining...
> * Next is linphone-0.10.0 and should include
> media_api. I will be with
> you to help you in testing and finishing the library
> if you need.
> Linphone, linphonec (console version of linphone)
> and sipomatic will all
> use mediastreamer through the media_api. Porting
> from the 0.9.0 hack to
> the media_api should go very quickly. If it goes
> well, we could include
> an experimental video support.
> Regards,
> Simon
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