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[Linphone-developers] media_api/

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: [Linphone-developers] media_api/
Date: 12 Jul 2002 09:44:17 +0200

Hi Sharath,

How are you ?
A few days ago I committed on cvs a media_api/ (version 1.3)
that should be a good basis for having a good Makefile for the
media_api. Unfortunately I forgot to inform you quicly of this change I
made within your directory, and so you overwrote this change...
However with "cvs update -r 1.3" I could get this change
I also add if and endif so that the media_api is only build when you
./configure with --enable-video . As I'm preparing a new release that I
hope to get out soon, I need linphone to compile without media_api as
long as it is not finished.
Can I commit this media_api/ to overwrite your last one ?
I will add also some directive for your api_test.c program.

Now some information about the progress of the project:
* I'm finishing linphone-0.9.0 (it had lots of bug). This version
includes the speex codec (a new free codec, works very well). It works
with the mediastreamer using a quick hack done in
mediastreamer/audiostream.c. I've rewritten sipomatic and move it to the
console directory. Now sipomatic should be able to handle multiples
calls at the same time (thing it could not do before mediastreamer). I
hope to put it running on, so that users will only have to
call sip:address@hidden to test their linphone. 
As it is the first time the mediastreamer is used, I fear that some bugs
are remaining... That's why I will release officially a
linphone-0.9.0pre1 said unstable, and if user's feedback is good, it
will become the official linphone-0.9.0 . I just want to tell the users
that linphone-0.9.0pre1 may be unstable and that I need their feedback,
otherwise if they are disappointed because of bugs, they may definitely
think that linphone is declining...
* Next is linphone-0.10.0 and should include media_api. I will be with
you to help you in testing and finishing the library if you need.
Linphone, linphonec (console version of linphone) and sipomatic will all
use mediastreamer through the media_api. Porting from the 0.9.0 hack to
the media_api should go very quickly. If it goes well, we could include
an experimental video support.


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