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Re: Variables and Bookpart

From: Hans Aikema
Subject: Re: Variables and Bookpart
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 23:51:28 +0100

On 12 Mar 2023, at 20:38, Mark Stephen Mrotek <> wrote:

Jean Abou Samra,
Thank you.
Yes variables must (and are) placed before the \score in each individual movement. That is why each complies perfectly when done individually.
The error appears when the code for the movement (that compiles) is copied and pasted into the \bookpart.
Your kind attention is appreciated.’


Based on your response I think you did not get the nuances of what Jean tried to tell you.

The copying/pasting of your working score INSIDE \bookpart means that you are copying your variable definition (which is already properly outside the \score) INSIDE the \bookpart, while it should be outside both the \bookpart and the \score

So you should 

{copy variables to here}
\bookpart {
{copy rest of the score here}

When using copy/paste of your score into a file with a \bookpart


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