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Re: Discourse experiments

From: Valentin Petzel
Subject: Re: Discourse experiments
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 12:15:01 +0100

Great news! Talking about pricing: How much does your current virtual server 
cost? Maybe I can chime in something.

The flaws I personally see with the mailing list is that it is a bit hard to 
organize. I think the mailing list is great as a discussion structure, but not 
as a database for solutions. There have been many great solutions created on 
the mailing list, still it is hard to find them. This is a big advantage of say 
a web forum: Threads (which are actual threads and not tree-like things like 
what we effectively have in mailing lists) can be categorized and moved in 
certain places where you can find them.

So what I’m curious about is whether the discourse backend would allow us to 
do such things like categorisation for easy finding and browsing of threads or 
even single solutions?


Am Sonntag, 12. März 2023, 11:54:27 CET schrieb Andrew Bernard:
> I found a tool in the procmail suite to split mbox archives into
> individual messages. I upped the available swap space on the server to
> 13GB (thanks to David Kstrup for suggesting this idea). There are 156457
> items in the archive up to last month or so. That number is from the
> first message ever posted to now. The import went fine. Only took a few
> hours.
> The import creates what are called staged users, not yet activated. I
> need to learn how to let people activate their accounts or automate that.
> This appears to be a complete success. The only surprise is finding some
> emails right at the top that are junk about cheap DVD burners, complete
> spam, and without proper headers. Had me perplexed for a while, but you
> can actually see this junk if you search in the user archives.
> When I play some more with this instance I'll open it up for everybody
> to have a look at if they would like. I'll publish the domain name that
> it sits on then.
> One thing I like about Discourse is the good search function. Sure you
> can search the web based user archive but this is all integrated on the
> Discourse web interface and it's a pleasure to use. The recent versions
> of Discourse also have Chat, which is a potentially useful feature.
> Andrew

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