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vertical placement of trillspan and upbow

From: Arjen
Subject: vertical placement of trillspan and upbow
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2023 15:56:33 +0100
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I am trying to switch the vertical stacking order of the upbow symbol and the trillspan in the following fragment by overriding the script-priority of the upbow symbol.
The upbow symbol should be the topmost.

\version "2.22.1"
\relative a'' {
  g1\startTrillSpan ( ~
  \once \override Script.script-priority = #1000
  g2\upbow\stopTrillSpan ~ \acciaccatura fis8 g8 e8)

I tried replacing "Script" with "TextScript", but it did not work either.
And I tried overriding TrillSpanner.script-priority to -1000 (placing it before the g1), which also didn't work.

Can someone please be so kind to explain how to accomplish this?


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