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ANN: Spontini-Editor version 1.6

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: ANN: Spontini-Editor version 1.6
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 14:43:58 +0100


I just created a new release (1.6) of Spontini-Editor.

It is still under test: then, it is not yet included inside the "releases" page of the project, but it should already work and you can download it from the main page.

The important news of this release are two:

1) A ruler (in the style of Inkscape) and two pairs of draggable axes have been added. Through these tools it is possible to measure distances both in staff spaces and in the unit of measurement set during the creation of the score (mm, cm or in); it is also possible to check the alignments of the various grobs on the score. These tools are very useful when, in the final phase of creating the scores, it is necessary to verify that ALL the objects are strictly in their right place.

2) I added a tool that compiles "on the fly" chunks of code, without generating the output, by selecting with the mouse the corresponding text on the editor. In the previous release there was already a tool to compile single sections of the score. The new tool allows you to compile on the fly, in a very short time, single measures within the sections: in this way, if a section takes a long time to compile and eventually produces an error, it is possible to correct the error on the single bar, quickly check that the bar no longer gives errors with the new tool and then compile the entire section safely.
Of course, the small fragments can be compiled together with two common parts of the score, placed at the beginning and at the end: therefore they will not create problems in dependencies with other parts of the code.
Through this system, you avoid wasting time due to typos. And we know that these typos are very frequent.

See ("Ruler" and "Compile chunks of score" paragraphs):


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