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Re: Distance of a grob from its reference point

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Distance of a grob from its reference point
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 10:34:44 -0800
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On 2020-01-16 8:46 am, Carl Sorensen wrote:
´╗┐On 1/16/20, 9:34 AM, "Robin Bannister" <address@hidden> wrote:
 3) make outside-staff-padding 0.46 more than needed vertical shift
    e.g. 2.46

Could you just \offset outside-staff-padding by 2?

Unfortunately, no. outside-staff-padding does not have a specific default value defined for any type of grob. This is the main limitation of \offset.

Internally, Axis_group_interface::default_outside_staff_padding_ is 0.46, but \offset has no knowledge of that value. Instead, it will see the grob property as unset and will not be able to perform the desired arithmetic.

-- Aaron Hill

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