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How to increase shift dynamic and end of hairpin

From: Guy Stalnaker
Subject: How to increase shift dynamic and end of hairpin
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 14:53:00 -0600
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Hello everyone,

I've written a choral work. There are some places in the score where I have a four-voice choir singing Alleluia on successive half notes. I've notated a crescendo hairpin to \mf followed by a decrescendo hairpin to \p on the final half note. Some times LP engraves the score such that the decrescendo hairpin is clearly visible, but other times the spacing between the 3rd and 4th half notes is so minimal that that hairpin is, well, useless as a visual symbol.

This MWE shows what I mean. The dynamics for the upper voice show the barely visible decrescendo hairpin while the one for the lower voice is what's desired.

Ideally I simply (!) need to move/shift the upper voice \p and hairpin end one quarter note to the right. Yet how to do that?

%% MWE
\version "2.19"
\language "english"
\score {
    \new Staff {
      c'2^\< a2 c'2^\mf^\> f'2^\p
      c'2^\< a2 c'2^\mf^\> f'2^\p
    \new Staff {
      a2^\< f2 a2^\mf^\> c'4( bf) ^\p
      a2^\< f2 a2^\mf^\> c'4( bf)^\p
    \addlyrics {
      Al -- le -- lu -- ia
      Al -- le -- lu -- ia

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