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Fixing - Some investigations

From: Michael Käppler
Subject: Fixing - Some investigations
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 16:48:06 +0100
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Hi all,
while trying to debug a problem concerning scheme code I stumbled upon
the somewhat broken
state of the ""-interface.
This was discussed several times on the list, seemingly without a good
and more recently

I found that will only work on my Ubuntu 18.04 system
if there's an additional guile-1.8 installation present.
This is true for the vanilla installers 2.18.2 and also for 2.19.83 from and also for the 2.18.2 package in the
Ubuntu 18.04 repo.
Ubuntu 18.04 does not provide guile-1.8 anymore, AFAIK. Self-compiling
worked flawlessly for me, but I think it would
be better to provide the libraries needed for with the
lilypond installer. (Or, as a quick and dirty "solution", add
an error message to guile-debugger.scm stating that guile-1.8 has to be
installed in order to make work)

There a two different problems, though.
1. With the help of strace I could figure out that guile does load
libguilereadline, which is provided
in /lilypond/usr/lib. Then for some reason which I could not find out it
does not (not even try to) load libreadline, however.
It does not output an error, either.
If I copy a self-compiled libguilereadline from my own guile 1.8.8 build
to /lilypond/usr/lib, it does succeed to load libreadline.
The very different sizes of the provided libguilereadline (4352 bytes)
compared to the packaged one (52032 bytes) seemed a bit strange to me, too.
I do not know anything about library linking etc., so maybe this is normal.
2. the whole 'debugger' directory is missing in
After copying this directory from my own guile-1.8 build, the debugger
works fine. (At least loading the debugger; I did not try any real
debugging yet)

See the full test procedure in the log attached, for which I used a
fresh vanilla 2.19.83 install.

Seems that for further investigation I need a GUB setup, which I do not
have currently.
Are the instructions that Knut(?) posted some time ago still valid?
I vaguely remember having read some about some commits that have to be
cherry-picked in order to make GUB work,
quite unsure about this.


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