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Re: Jazz chords layout question

From: Jacques Menu
Subject: Re: Jazz chords layout question
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2019 23:39:39 +0200

Hello Robert and Carl,

Thanks for your help!

To summurize, after checking the docs for marks:

- why do the marks appear without a box around them?
because using ‘\mark "A"’ precludes the box.
Since the AABA scheme is so common in jazz, using:
\mark \markup {\box "A" }
solves the issue.

- why does \repeat percent not produce percent signs?
because the percent repeat engraver is not used by ChordNames by default.
\new ChordNames \with { \consists Percent_repeat_engraver }
solves the issue.

- how can I get the measures to be equal length?
by using proportional notation duration:
\layout {
  \context {
    proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1/8)
and indents:
\paper {
  #(set-paper-size "a4")
  indent = 0\mm
  short-indent = 0.9\cm

- how can I ‘push’ the beginning of the seconda volta to the middle of the line?
that seems difficult, no solution at this time

I attach the resulting score for the record.

A nice w-e!


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