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Re: Jazz chords layout question

From: Michael Hendry
Subject: Re: Jazz chords layout question
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2019 09:57:05 +0100

> On 14 Jul 2019, at 00:30, Jacques Menu <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello Robin,
> Thanks, the result is already better, with the seconda volta at the right 
> place after adjusting the parameter of \pseudoIndent.
> Didn’t find a way to hide the empty part of the staff to the left of it, 
> stopStaff/startStaff didn’t help.
> But I can use the score as is for my needs. I left the notes in the staff to 
> help visualize what happens.
> Thanks again!
> JM

Morning, Jacques,

I know that what you were originally trying to achieve was the closest approach 
to the original (staff-free) chord sheet but…

You could have kept the standard four-bars-per-line layout of a leadsheet by 
starting the first repeat at bar 5, and having four bars for both first and 
second alternatives.  

Or, since the first and second alternatives differ only in the last bar, you 
could have had a five-bar line with both (one-bar) alternatives on it. (The 
Real Book 6th Edition presents “Take the A Train” like this).

The %-repeats don’t add to clarity and are best avoided on leadsheets; it’s 
assumed (in the absence of an “N.C.” markup) that a chord will continue until 
it is replaced or it carries on to a new line, when it will be explicitly named 

…and I’m not going to go anywhere near the D7#11 D7b5 controversy!

Good luck!


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