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Re: caesura or other ornamentation ?.

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: caesura or other ornamentation ?.
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2019 19:35:53 -0700
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On 2019-07-09 7:34 pm, Aaron Hill wrote:
On 2019-07-09 7:11 pm, Eby Mani wrote:
Many Thanks Torsten, exactly the thing i was looking for.

Now, how to do those "Forefall" and "the shake turned" symbols in
lilypond. any snippets ?.

You could do something like this:

\version "2.19.83"

forefall-markup = \markup \rotate #'-30 \musicglyph "scripts.rvarcomma"
forefall = #(let ((m (make-articulation "trill")))
  (set! (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)
    (acons 'stencil (lambda (grob)
        (grob-interpret-markup grob forefall-markup))
      (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)))

shakeTurned-markup = \markup \overlay {
  \raise #'0.65 \rotate #'-150 \musicglyph "ties.lyric.short"
  \rotate #'-30 \musicglyph "scripts.rvarcomma"
  \lower #'0.55 \rotate #'-30 \musicglyph "scripts.rvarcomma"
shakeTurned = #(let ((m (make-articulation "trill")))
  (set! (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)
    (acons 'stencil (lambda (grob)
        (grob-interpret-markup grob shakeTurned-markup))
      (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)))

{ b'4 b'\forefall b'\shakeTurned b' }

Here I am partying on the "trill" articulation and changing its
stencil using glyphs that already exist in the notation font.

Apologies.  I had meant to include an image as well.

-- Aaron Hill

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