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Re: caesura or other ornamentation ?.

From: Torsten Hämmerle
Subject: Re: caesura or other ornamentation ?.
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 02:45:23 -0700 (MST)

Following Aaron's formidable example, I've done some minor modifications.
Just a matter of taste, of course…:

- straight lines (flags.ugrace) to more resemble the original symbols and
make them more distinguishable from a caesura.

- "downgraded" the syntax to make it all work with the current stable
version 2.18.2, too (# in front of the musicglyph names and \combine instead
of the new \overlay command.

- turn instead of trill as a basis, simply because it will stay closer to
the notehead without having to tweak outside-staff-priority. If there's a
concurring text script like "the shake turned", this text will be placed
between the notehead and a trill, but a turn will stay with its notehead.

\version "2.18.2"

forefall-markup = \markup \rotate #'-15 \musicglyph #"flags.ugrace"
forefall = #(let ((m (make-articulation "turn")))
  (set! (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)
    (acons 'stencil (lambda (grob)
        (grob-interpret-markup grob forefall-markup))
      (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)))
backfall-markup = \markup \rotate #'-65 \musicglyph #"flags.ugrace"
backfall = #(let ((m (make-articulation "turn")))
  (set! (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)
    (acons 'stencil (lambda (grob)
        (grob-interpret-markup grob backfall-markup))
      (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)))

shakeTurned-markup = \markup \combine 
  \lower #'0.75 \rotate #'205 \scale #'(1 . 1.25) \musicglyph
  \rotate #'-15 \musicglyph #"flags.ugrace"
  \lower #'0.5 \rotate #'-15 \musicglyph #"flags.ugrace"

shakeTurned = #(let ((m (make-articulation "turn")))
  (set! (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)
    (acons 'stencil (lambda (grob)
        (grob-interpret-markup grob shakeTurned-markup ))
      (ly:music-property m 'tweaks)))

\relative {
  \omit Staff.Clef
  \omit Staff.TimeSignature
  \override Staff.TextScript.staff-padding = #4
  s4 g'\forefall s8 \bar "|" s8 f16[ g8.] s4 \bar "||"
  s4 g\backfall s8 \bar "|" s8 a16[ g8.] s4 \bar "||"
  s4 g\turn s8 \bar "|" s8 g16[ a32 g f16 g] s8 \bar "||"
  <>^"the shake turned"
  s4 g\shakeTurned s8 \bar "|" s8 a16[ g a g] fis[ g8.] s8\bar "||"


All the best,

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