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Jazz Chord Symbols (as new font - NOT notation font)

From: Marco Baumgartner
Subject: Jazz Chord Symbols (as new font - NOT notation font)
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019 14:27:27 +0200


I wonder how I had to build a "normal" font (otf, ttf, whatever) to work as chord-symbols-font only.
Spacing and style is very important to make chord symbols readable. I haven't seen one yet for lilypond.
Goal is to have a font rendering chord symbols like in the real books (handwritten or not), thus: including tons of ligatures and special thingies per symbol/cluster of symbols.

If Ab7sus4(b9) isn't typeset "right", you simply can't read it. You don't buy it. You don't even want to play it... :-) That's a little harsh, I know. But hence my question. I'm happy to spend some time on a Jazz-chord-font - but I have no clue on how to make it, so it can be used by lilypond. Could also be as "comments" or "music _expression_", if "chords" doesn't work.

The lilyjazz-font doesn't come with this kind of chord-symbol-font.

So, is it possible to build one? How do I set up the font? I work with fontforge. I'm not a font-specialist, but I had built and drawn fonts from scratch. Just need someone to point me into the right direction.

I need to know:

- is it possible and how? (how to "embed"/use the font in lilypond)
- what font-format
- what encoding (unicode doesn't allow ligatures as far as I know. So latin1?)

Thanks a lot for some hints and tips!

Have a good time,

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