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Re: Aesthetics question -- how would you typeset this?

From: Evan Driscoll
Subject: Re: Aesthetics question -- how would you typeset this?
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019 00:21:25 -0500

On Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 11:55 PM Malte Meyn <address@hidden> wrote:
Am 03.07.19 um 06:36 schrieb Evan Driscoll:
> It's for cello, and just the part, no score.

Is that playable? I sadly haven’t touched my cello for a few months now
and it’s 350 km away so I can’t try but I think I couldn’t play that
passage despite having long fingers …

The violin part has b flat in the lower voice, not g. That makes it
playable on the cello too but brings me to the question how you’ll
arrange the following measure …

Crap, these two questions are related to each other. I made a mistake when copying the part into the reduced part (I didn't copy and paste) and it was always supposed to be B flat in the lower note. (That said, I don't think that changes much about my "problem" or the solutions. At most it might speak slightly more favorably toward my \stemDown answer.)

(As for the following measure, assuming you're talking about the one where the main line goes 'd8 e fs d fs a4' at the top of the treble staff in double stop with the A below middle C, I'm undecided. (Sorry for the English note names; I got into the habit of using that and from then on could never remember -es/-is being sharp/flat.) That obviously *isn't* playable. Answers I'm considering include dropping the lower notes entirely, playing open A instead of open D, or playing the A an octave up on the D string. I need to play around with this.)

If it’s hard to read because of a “ton of stems and staff lines and
such” maybe there is a layout problem, f. e. too small staff size,
staves not far enough apart. Changing the stem direction shouldn’t be

I put a screenshot of the relevant part of the score at so it can be seen in context, in case that helps. I can certainly leave sleeping dogs lie if you think it looks fine and no one else chimes in. :-) (I haven't yet fixed the typo in this version, so there will be a couple wrong notes.) It's laid out for letter paper; there are eight systems on that page.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, by the way; I appreciate it! I'm only an occasional user of Lilypond, but this mailing list is always so responsive...


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