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Re: Frescobaldi question

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Frescobaldi question
Date: Wed, 8 May 2019 20:38:53 +0200
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Am 08.05.19 um 20:31 schrieb Guy Stalnaker:
GRRR - why does the Enter key sometimes send emails in GMail?? Sorry about that.


I can indeed access the files through the Lilypond menu. But they open in Acrobat and not in the Frescobaldi Music View module.

Ah, I mixed things up. In addition to the LilyPond menu there is a document chooser in the Music View's toolbar (I assume it has already been there in v.2). With this you can select what is shown in the Music View ...

I continued investigating and I see ... interesting behavior. I noticed that my output file names had an alphabetical order:


If I modify the Output directive in the code to add "01" and "02" to the output file names, Frescobaldi changes the score is displays:


Results in FB showing the FullScore in its PDF Music View module.


Results in FB showing the ChoirAndOrgan in its PDF Music View module.

So, it appears that FB is choosing the "first" document of the set.

And I answered my own question :-)

Guy Stalnaker

On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 1:07 PM Urs Liska <address@hidden> wrote:

Am 08.05.19 um 19:56 schrieb Guy Stalnaker:
Frescobaldi 2.20 on Win10

I have a score with three /book {} sections: 1) SSATB_Organ_Flute_StrQrt (i.e., FullScore), 2) SSATB_Organ (i.e., ReducedScore), 3) InstParts

Frescobaldi opens ONE of these in its PDF viewer. Can I tell FB which of the three I want FB to open/show?

I ask because the first version created was, naturally, the Full Score /book {}. When I engraved the score FB showed the full score. I then added the reduced score for SSATB_Organ, then the parts. Now FB defaults to showing the reduced score and not the FullScore. It won't show the FullScore unless I comment the ReducedScore \book{} and re-engrave.

I have closed FB and deleted the .pdf/.mid files. FB still shows the ReducedScore when I engrave if all three /book{} are uncommented.

Thanks for your help.

How are the resulting PDF files named? I'm not 100% sure (especially not with F2.20), but the decision is made by the file name. But anyway, you should be able to access *all* generated PDFs through the "LilyPond" menu.



Guy Stalnaker

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