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Re: fingering

From: Robin Bannister
Subject: Re: fingering
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 17:34:52 +0200
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Gianmaria Lari wrote:

But when I finished to enter the fingering, I would definitely prefer
having the fingering instruction separated by the music. Something like
this (NB: it does not work correctly but I hope the idea is clear):

\version "2.21.0"
myMusic = {a4 b c' d'}
myFing = {s4-1 s-2 s-3 s-4}
<<    \myMusic \myFing >>

I agree with you about being able to have a separation if you want it.

But I am not sure what does not work correctly for you.

Your example lets lilypond create the contexts automagically,
and this gives you two staves, one for \myMusic and one for \myFing.
You should limit lilypond to one staff by saying
   \new Staff << \myMusic \myFing >>

That looks better, but it is still not equivalent.
Try changing the s-2 to s_2:
the notehead and the fingering collide.
To avoid that you should also limit lilypond to one voice by saying
   \new Staff \new Voice << \myMusic \myFing >>

But the full score may need several voices. Doing it this way means that each voice needs not only its own \myMusic but also its own \myFing.
That can get quite fiddly when the music needs changing.

If you use a Dynamics context as Pierre suggested, you will lose the vertical aspects of lilyponds fingering: try changing s-2 to s_2 here! To regain that partly you would need two Dynamics contexts for each staff, one above for UP fingerings and one below for DOWN fingerings.


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