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Re: LSR update?

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: LSR update?
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2022 17:08:09 +0100
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Le 27/12/2022 à 16:55, Thomas Morley a écrit :
I'd volunteer to update all lsr-snippets, though I surely need some help.


Especially for the snippets in (1) a) b) c)

Your comments below are already helpful.

Lateron, when LSR runs 2.24.0, we need to insert all snippets from
This is tedious, any help would be great.

I hope it will be done by feeding LSR with the updated snippets in
batch and not by editing them one by one... ?

As final step we need to delete the ones from
/Documentation/snippets/new and commit the new state,
I would be very thankful if someone else could do so.

This should be a matter of running and removing
all snippets from new/ present in stable/2.24, right?

Out of curiosity and not related to lsr-update, do you have an example
of 2.22.-code (where Mark_engraver is moved) which would not run in

\version "2.22.2"

\layout {
  \context {
    \remove Mark_engraver
  \context {
    \consists Mark_engraver

  \new Staff { \mark \default c'1 }
  \new Staff { c'1 }

2.22 doesn't print a mark in the second staff, 2.24
does. You have to move Mark_tracking_translator as
well if you don't want it.

The latter (\tweak direction #DOWN) is shown in the official docs, maybe
we can add a snippet just for it.
I still think it is usefull.

Btw, the "obsolet"-additions are from you?


Do you think all of the snippets labelled this way should be deleted?


If so, I suggest to upfate them as well and delete them after lsr-update is done

Not sure I understand, why should we update them first if it's to delete them immediately?

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