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Re: LSR update?

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: LSR update?
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2022 15:06:12 +0100

Well, I started to update the snippets to 2.24.0 locally.

Some observations:

I'm stuck with three snippets:
a) It's tagged "doc"
I've no clue how we get it into Snippets, though the image there is
wrong (compared with lsr).
For me it looks like the emitted .eps-files are replaced by .pdf-files
and then the snippet crashes.
How to fix?
Needs a complete rewrite!?
`barAlways' is gone, but the proposed replacement
`forbidBreakBetweenBarLines' does not what the snippet deserves.

convert-ly emits a plethora of "not smart enough" messages for
\consists Mark_engraver
But why?
It's not outdated code!!
It's going on my nerves. I don't think we should use convert-ly to
educate our users to use the new possibilties, that's the duty of the
And there are still cases where \remove/consists Mark_engraver is what
the user wants, but these messages will persists forever.
I vote for simply deleting that convert-rule.

It's not possible to do
lilypond *.ly
on all snippets.
Somewhere there's a bleed over, causing multiple
warnings/errors/crashes on otherwise clean compilimg snippets, when
compiled separately.
Worth researching I'd say, too tired right now though.

Here a list what I did else:

 [fixed manually]
 REMARK: Above is *not* obsolet
 REMARK: Above will be replaced by the one from
/Doceumentation/snippets/new anyway
 REMARK: Above will be replaced by the one from
/Doceumentation/snippets/new anyway

 [fixed manually inside LSR]
 TODO Above lsr-image is wrong

 [won't fix]

 TODO guile message about `string-delete'

 TODO correct??

 TODO needs fix at all?

Some snippets needs to get the description updated, mostly those about
multiple RehearsalMarks.
In many cases TextMark is used now...

I attach a tarball with the updated snippets from LSR's `all'
subfolder, though without the snippets from (1)


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