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Re: Figured bass bug in 2.23.82?

From: Lukas-Fabian Moser
Subject: Re: Figured bass bug in 2.23.82?
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2022 23:05:05 +0100
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Again, thanks for "holding my hands" while searching for the cause; I try to follow your suggestions precisely, but am not able to "start thinking for myself" at the moment:

Am 12.12.22 um 22:57 schrieb Jean Abou Samra:

Yet another question.

Can you try this:

\markup \override #'(font-features . ("tnum" "cv47" "ss01")) {
  \fontsize #-5 \number "6"
  \fontsize #-5 \align-on-other #0 #0 \number "1" #0 \number "♯"
  \fontsize #-5 \align-on-other #0 #0 \number "1" #0 \number "♭"
  \fontsize #-5 \align-on-other #0 #0 \number "1" #0 \number "♮"

It's just the 4 markups that the bass figures end up printing.

You say that for you, \markup \override #'(font-encoding . fetaText) "♯" works. This is essentially the same as \markup \number "♯".

I expect the above to fail and print the squares.
You also said that it worked if one added <6!>, which translates to

\markup \fontsize #-5 \put-adjacent #0 #-1 \number "6" \pad-x #0.1 \number "♮"
Adding this makes everything appear correct.

What I would like to understand is the conditions that trigger the problem. Can you try to remove things in those markups (also the font features) and see what happens, and hopefully identify what exactly is causing the issue?

This is minimal for triggering the error:

\version "2.23.10"

\markup  {
  \number "1" \number "♯"

Removing the "\number 1" turns the empty square into a sharp glyph.


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