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Re: pygment regex question,Re: pygment regex question

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: pygment regex question,Re: pygment regex question
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 15:16:00 +0000 (UTC)

>>> Are there still cases where `#` is mandatory for numbers?
>>> Otherwise the documentation could be updated to remove all `#`.
>> Yes, there are: In markup, for example.
>> \markup \fontsize 3 Hi
>> is still illegal.

OK, but where exactly is this documented?  Is this missing, or am I
blind?  If it is missing, could a Scheme expert please write some
lines that I could incorporate into an MR?

> Personally, I tend to leave out # when possible for numbers, and
> also leave out #' for symbols when possible because it is not only
> shorter, but allows the syntax highlighting program to highlight
> them specially if they're built-ins, be it in Frescobaldi or in the
> documentation via Pygments.  On the other hand, I usually use "
> marks (but not # when not required) around strings, because I might
> want to add spaces in them, and once again because it makes the
> syntax highlighting more useful.

Yeah, this sounds good.  So it actually would make sense to walk over
the NR and remove `#` where possible, right?

> For \new Staff = <this>, I never settled my mind :-)  It
> expects a string, but then one could argue that accepting
> a symbol here would more sense.

Personally, I always put identifiers into doublequotes.


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