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Re: strut problem

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: strut problem
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2022 11:05:36 +0000 (UTC)

>> However, the longer I think about struts – even `\vspace` is
>> nothing else than a vertical strut! – the more I believe that there
>> is a conceptual problem in LilyPond: There is a 'typesetting mode'
>> where vertical struts have an effect (like the problem originally
>> reported in 'lilypond-user', starting with
>> and there are other modes without such an effect.
>> What about making LilyPond properly integrate (finite) struts into
>> the skyline?
> I'm not understanding what you mean by this precisely. Are you talking
> about a change to the definition of \strut or a change to how skylines
> are computed?

The latter.  What I suggest is that zero-width/zero-height objects
*are* taken in account for computing the skylines.

> Regarding the latter, the handling looks inconsistent. I've opened
> about that.

Thanks.  However, I can't immediately that these two problems are
related :-)

> Note that, say, a vertical strut between "V" and "A" would also
> defeat kerning.


> Have you already found yourself needing to fine-tune skylines?

Yes, sometimes.

> I have always gotten along by tweaking padding and padding-like
> properties.

Me too, but I can imagine that inserting a strut might be easier,
especially if skylines have a lot of valleys and mountains.

> By the way, can you check what your mail client is doing with
> email subjects? Your email's is
> "strut problem,Re: strut problem,Re: strut problem,Re: strut problem"

Interesting, I have never observed this before.  This must be a bug in
my e-mail client ('mew' for Emacs).  Thanks for noticing!


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