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Re: Adding scheme interfaces without using them?

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Adding scheme interfaces without using them?
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 22:30:38 +0200

Le sam., juin 25 2022 at 20:27:11 +0200, Lukas-Fabian Moser <> a écrit :

is it acceptable to submit a MR that adds a scheme interface to some C++ routine without using that new interface in LilyPond proper?

In my case, I made Bezier::solve_point Scheme-visible for some work project of mine that is too spezialized to submit as a MR (at least for the time being). But without the addition of ly:bezier-solve-point in Scheme, I can only ever engrave my work project with a custom-compiled LilyPond differing from Master.

Well ... I am very much in favor, and historically it is
the way it has been done, but there is no consensus in
the current team. See
for the latest iteration of this discussion.


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