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GSoC 2020 update: Aug 7

From: Owen Lamb
Subject: GSoC 2020 update: Aug 7
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2020 21:49:38 -0700

Hi all!

I've been pretty active on the mailing list this week, so you can see what
I've been up to by checking out the archive.

Essentially, what first seemed to be a minor inconvenience--a grob
misplacement--turned out to be a major point of difference between
LilyPond's and SMuFL's treatment of flags.

I've slightly modified my general project approach, making room ahead of
time for anything SMuFL can't take care of. That way, I don't have to sit
around waiting for the standard to update to keep my work up.

I have not yet added SMuFL's engravingDefaults to Emmentaler, but I've
begun investigating where LilyPond gets its current metrics. Oddly, some
metrics seem to be hardcoded, despite being present in the old LIL* tables
as well. I'll continue that investigation next week.

The school year is almost upon us here in AZ, and, as I mentioned at the
beginning of summer, there'll be some overlap with GSoC. I'll be out for
the count for a couple weekdays next week, so I'll pick up Saturday to make
up for it. After that, I expect to be doing more night/weekend hours as
classes start up the following week on the 20th.

My plan is largely the same as it was last week. If you have any
questions/concerns, as always, feel free to ask away!


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