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Re: output-attributes in 2.20.0

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: output-attributes in 2.20.0
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2020 12:21:10 +0200
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Richard Shann <> writes:

> Ah, thank you for that. Does convert-ly normally warn if the
> substitution it makes may be wrong?

No.  convert-ly is a text-based replacement with no inherent knowledge
of LilyPond syntax.  Inherent knowledge of LilyPond syntax would be
tricky since it would need to be able to parse LilyPond input for every
version it attempts converting.

> Changing
> \override = #note-id
> to
>  \override = #note-id
> only works if note-id is *not* a callback as I understand it.

Correct.  I may change that eventually, but that's basically a
possibility at the bottom of a stack of rather extensive purportive
changes, so don't hold your breath for it.

David Kastrup

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