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Re: [lilypond-book] @format environments

From: Michael Käppler
Subject: Re: [lilypond-book] @format environments
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 13:45:28 +0200
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So I would vote to make

[Version string if needed]
@end verbatim
This is OK with me.  Thanks for working on this!
Hmm, not so simple as I thought at first.
The version string should be printed in typewriter, like
the code that immediately follows in the @verbatim environment.
If we use

@code{\version @w{"@version{}"}}

it will be put in quotes for Info output, which is not what we want.

\version @w ...
@end verbatim

the @version macro won't be expanded.

The following

@t{\version @w...}
@end format

does work well for PDF and for Info output, but not for HTML with
texi2html-1.82, because @format
environments are indented there, the following @verbatim block is not.
Texi2any from texinfo-6.5
behaves differently again, not indenting the @format blocks.


The only solution that works for PDF, Info and HTML actually seems to be:

@t{\version @w....}
@end verbatim

This is hacky, too, because IIUC '@noindent' is designed to be used
*after* environments
like @quotation, @example, etc. to prevent the following paragraph from
being indented.

What strikes me the most is that 'addversion' is used only three times
throughout the
whole documentation, and these three occurrences are all in the LM,

What is the reason that the version string is mentioned for these
particular snippets and nowhere else?



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