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[libunwind] libunwind v0.98 released

From: David Mosberger
Subject: [libunwind] libunwind v0.98 released
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 09:45:27 -0700

OK, I did a quick release of v0.98 primarily so that GCC can rely on a
libunwind version that is compliant with the extended unwind spec by
HJ Lu.

It's all in the usual place:

IMPORTANT NOTE: the major number of libunwind changed from 1 to 7, as
required per unwind spec.  For debian, I assume this means there will
have to be a new libunwind7 package such that backwards-compatibility
can be maintained with packages that depend on libunwind1.  A similar
solution would have to be used by the other distros.



* News for v0.98:

** Update libunwind to be compliant with the updated/expanded
   ia64 unwind specificiation by HJ Lu.  This is needed for
   GCC 3.4 compatibility.

** Initial support for x86-64 has been added courtesy of Max Asbock.
   Along with this came a bunch of DWARF2 unwinder fixes.

** A new rountine unw_strerror() has been added courtesy of
   Thomas Hallgren.

** Including <libunwind.h> now defines 4 macros that can be used
   to determine the version number of libunwind.  Specifically,
   UNW_VERSION_CODE are defined by the header now.

** Bug fixes
*** Fix a memory-leak in _UPT_get_dyn_info_list_addr() courtesy of Ed Connell.
*** Fix a crash in libunwind-ptrace courtesy of Mark Young.
*** Fix a bug in ia64-version of unw_init_remote() which prevented
    it from working correctly for the local address space.  Reported by
    Troy Heber.
*** Many other small and not so small fixes.

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