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Re: [libunwind] libunwind v0.98 released

From: Matthieu Delahaye
Subject: Re: [libunwind] libunwind v0.98 released
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 10:12:16 -0500

> IMPORTANT NOTE: the major number of libunwind changed from 1 to 7, as
> required per unwind spec.  For debian, I assume this means there will
> have to be a new libunwind7 package such that backwards-compatibility
> can be maintained with packages that depend on libunwind1.  A similar
> solution would have to be used by the other distros.
I've prepared the libunwind7 package set. They are not quite ready to
upload. For those who wants to know  how to keep libunwind1 into your
installation the following paragraph are relevant. For those who only
want to know why it is not ready (including David), only the last three
may be into your interest.

Once libunwind7 and libunwind7-dev uploaded and into unstable (hoping
testing), libunwind1 and libunwind1-dev will disappear from unstable
(testing) archive. All the package depending on libunwind1 will have to
be rebuild to be installable. Currently this is affecting only one
package: qprof

Only the archive would be affected. For those who already installed
qprof (and thus libunwind1) the theory say that you should be able to
install libunwind7 with libunwind1 still on your box, as long as I'm not
specifying libunwind7 conflicting with libunwind1.

The only case of conflict is between libunwind1-dev and libunwind7-dev.
If you have libunwind1-dev already installed, installing libunwind7-dev
will uninstall libunwind1-dev (same file name for headers).

My problem here is that libunwind-setjmp still has a so version set to
0. libunwind1 and libunwind7 would provide common files (thus a

My first question is: as libunwind-setjmp depends on libunwind, should
the so version still be 0 or change? I have to admit that a "change" as
an answer would help me a lot.

If it is really supposed to be 0, is it possible to make an exception?
(and set it to either 1 or 7). At the same time I will split libunwind7
into two packages to prevent us from this type of conflict into the



> Enjoy,

>       --david
> * News for v0.98:
> ** Update libunwind to be compliant with the updated/expanded
>    ia64 unwind specificiation by HJ Lu.  This is needed for
>    GCC 3.4 compatibility.
> ** Initial support for x86-64 has been added courtesy of Max Asbock.
>    Along with this came a bunch of DWARF2 unwinder fixes.
> ** A new rountine unw_strerror() has been added courtesy of
>    Thomas Hallgren.
> ** Including <libunwind.h> now defines 4 macros that can be used
>    to determine the version number of libunwind.  Specifically,
>    UNW_VERSION_CODE are defined by the header now.
> ** Bug fixes
> *** Fix a memory-leak in _UPT_get_dyn_info_list_addr() courtesy of Ed Connell.
> *** Fix a crash in libunwind-ptrace courtesy of Mark Young.
> *** Fix a bug in ia64-version of unw_init_remote() which prevented
>     it from working correctly for the local address space.  Reported by
>     Troy Heber.
> *** Many other small and not so small fixes.
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