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Re: Free licensing of surveillance software

From: Aaron Wolf
Subject: Re: Free licensing of surveillance software
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 08:24:25 -0800

I've never heard of such a license. The only real effort on a
stronger-than-AGPL license that I know of is copyleft-next.

Are you picturing a case of something like telemetry software that is
benign and useful enough given transparency and acceptance by anyone who
is getting measured? And wanting to be sure nobody else uses the
software secretively (where those being measured are not readily
informed that it's happening)?

I could see this as a real potential.

Consider joining and posting to the copyleft-next email list


On 2020-01-14 3:05 a.m., address@hidden wrote:
> My great and good friends,
> Has there been work on a software license that would require
> the subjects of surveillance to have access to the source code
> of surveillance software? AGPL accomplishes this only when the
> surveillance happens directly in a website.
> It would be good for the surveillance software source code to be
> distributed because it would show what surveillance methods are being
> used. The software of interest could be as innocent as button widgets
> for user interfaces, as they could be used to create the user interface
> for surveillance camera monitoring software.
> I imagine that a well funded surveillance project would choose the
> alternative of writing a proprietary clone, but at least that would make
> the surveillance a little more expensive.
> With great humility,
> Fritz
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