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Re: Libre web front-end

From: Quiliro Ordóñez
Subject: Re: Libre web front-end
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2019 16:13:14 -0800

El 2019-11-09 14:08, MARY-ANNE WOLF escribió:
> If I wanted to write a game that people could play in their browser.
>    and I wanted people who were concerned about libre software and their
>    privacy to be able to play, what technology could I use?

Very nice contribution. Games are the best way for learning things. :-)

Even though browsers are a very useful tool for distributing
applications without the need to install them locally, they are also a
risk for users to lose their freedom, since they can use nonfree
software. And even if the software (JavaScript) is released as free
software, it is not under their control because it is on the server, not
on the client.

So in summary, if your objective is to give users freedom, make free
software which is easy to install on people's computers. This will
achieve the objective of JavaScript of being easy to install and of
freedom by being free software on giving the user freedom by being
installed on the user's computer. This would also provido more privacy,
if the data is not transmitted to other parties.

To answer your question about which technology to use, it is very linked
to the knowledge you have of computing. If you would have asked me about
this a month ago, I would have answered Guile because it has a good
integration with other languages which would bring it to avoid eventual
death (like all technologies) or even Rust. But lately I have discovered
that Guile is led by people who do not support the vision of freedom
which has been able to sustain the possibility of freedom in the 21st
century by these devs' intent to debunk Richard Stallman from GNU. I
have heard Rust has its own downsides from the point of view of freedom.
So I am not sided with any technology right now. All I know is that
freedom needs us now more than ever that fascism has been able to divide
the activists between them. We need to use and defend software which
respects people's rights, whether this software has better quality and
price (than the freedom attacking software) or it is of inferior quality
and higher price.

Good luck and thank you for helping us have a free future.

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