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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Minifree Libreboot X220 libre laptop launched

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Minifree Libreboot X220 libre laptop launched (pre-order)
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 10:02:27 +0000
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Yes, when we ship it (it's on pre-order at present) it will use an
ath9k atheros chip instead of the default intel wifi. This way, wifi
will work on libre distros.

On 17/02/17 07:02, Federico klez Culloca wrote:
> This is great news!
> Just one question. I own a Thinkpad x220, which requires
> proprietary firmware for the WLAN card. Did you use another card to
> avoid this problem? If yes, which one?
> Thank you klez
> Il 16 febbraio 2017 19:52:30 CET, Leah Rowe <address@hidden>
> ha scritto: Hi all,
> Minifree has launched a new freedom-friendly laptop, with the free
> and open source Libreboot BIOS replacement, and Debian GNU+Linux 
> preinstalled. This is the first modern laptop available with
> entirely libre software at every level, with no backdoors or
> rootkits like with the larger companies, and it's available on
> pre-order today.
> This is good for security-conscious people who believe in Free 
> Software, and want a system that they can trust. This includes 
> businesses, professionals, governments and any other application
> where data privacy is a must. It's also good generally for those
> who wish to use a system that respects their freedom.
> Here it is (more information is on the page): 
> This has positive implications for security in terms of
> auditability, and therefore privacy in general (no backdoors!).
> It's also free software friendly, so there are zero binary blobs
> and zero proprietary software running on it in the OS or BIOS. You
> have all of the four freedoms over each part of the boot process,
> which means that you the user are in full control.
> For the first time ever, it is possible for companies to use 
> libreboot-enabled hardware.
> The Libreboot X220 is an upgrade from the existing Libreboot X200
> that was sold previously. Here are just some of the improvements
> with the X22 0:
> * do actual, serious work e.g. programming or 3D modeling.
> Software development nowadays requires powerful computers, because
> software becomes more complex. The sheer amount of time to build
> from source can be a problem on its own. The D16 can support up to
> 16 fast AMD Opteron cores per CPU, and 2 CPUs are possible so 32
> cores in total. This is ideal for software development. * provide
> professional hosting services for paying clients, and run a small
> ISP * provide servers inside organisations * play modern games
> (libre ones) * etc (anything that requires a fast computer,
> basically)
> * Has a touchpad and trackpoint mouse pointer. The X200 only had
> the trackpoint
> * Higher battery life * SATA III support (6Gbps possible on SSD.
> The X200 can only do 3Gbps SATA II)
> * 2nd mSATA SSD possible in the 2nd mini PCI-E slot (mSATA drives
> not yet sold by Minifree)
> * much faster CPU (core i5/i7 on X220, core 2 duo on X200) *per
> CPU core*, and has more CPU cores (X220 is quad-core, vs X200 which
> is dual-core). This makes serious professional software
> development possible, aswell as enabling all kinds of other high
> performance use case scenarios which previously the libre software
> community had fallen short on.
> * LED backlit panel instead of CCFL (X200 uses CCFL). LED is more 
> reliable (lasts longer without dimming over time). Better 
> colour/contrast compared to X200. Brighter backlight. much faster
> video performance (Intel HD 3000 on X220, vs Intel GMA 4500MHD on
> X200) higher screen resolution (1366×768 on X220, vs 1280×800 on
> X200) * DisplayPort digital video output built in (X200 only has
> VGA) supports more RAM (up to 16GiB, versus X200 which only
> supports 8GiB) current hardware. Moores law has slowed down in
> recent years; the X220 is roughly on par with performance standards
> for even the most demanding of software developers. The X220 is a
> popular laptop for hackers and professional users alike
> * larger ESC key
> * better CPU cooling (and more power-efficient CPU)
> * USB 3.0 possible (with the Core i7 model. NOTE: untested)
> * Better webcam (720p HD with a decent microphone, compared to
> X200 which has low resolution webcam) – NOTE: not all X220 laptops
> from Minifree have webcams. If you want it, tell us and we’ll make
> sure to ship one that has it.
> Spread the word!
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