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Re: [lp-br-sp] Mozilla + Adobe = DRM

From: Matheus Mello
Subject: Re: [lp-br-sp] Mozilla + Adobe = DRM
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 18:00:03 -0300
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A FSF recomendou as seguintes ações em resposta:

 * **[Write to Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal and let him know that you
oppose DRM](mailto: agal [at] mozilla [dot] com)**. Mozilla made this
decision in a misguided appeal to its userbase; it needs to
hear in clear and reasoned terms from the users who feel
this as a betrayal. Ask Mozilla what it is going to do to
actually solve the DRM problem that has created this false
forced choice.

* **[Join our effort to stop EME approval][6] at the W3C**. While 
announcement makes it even more obvious that W3C rejection of EME
will not stop its implementation, it also makes it clear that W3C can
fearlessly reject EME to send a message that DRM is *not* a part of
the vision of a free Web.

* **Use a version of Firefox without the EME code**: Since its source
code is available under a license allowing anyone to modify and
redistribute it under a different name, we expect versions without
EME to be made available, and you should use those instead. We will
list them in the [Free Software Directory][7].

* **Donate to support the work of the [Free Software Foundation][8]
and our [Defective by Design][9] campaign to actually end DRM.**
Until it's completely gone, Mozilla and others will be constantly
tempted to capitulate, and users will be pressured to continue using
some proprietary software. If not us, give to another group fighting
against digital restrictions."

 What is DRM? 2

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