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Re: [libredwg] Install Linux Mint 19.3

From: Wookey
Subject: Re: [libredwg] Install Linux Mint 19.3
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2021 14:58:23 +0100
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On 2020-06-22 15:58 +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
>    sudo apt install autoreconf
>    or such. don't know exactly how the autoreconf package is called on debian
>    derivates. 

The package containing autoreconf command is autoconf, so
sudo apt install autoconf

Should get you going.

I mostly packaged libredwg for debian about 10 years ago, but never
actually finished and uploaded. Mildly astonished that it's still not
in the archive. Guess I should fix that, then you could just apt
install libredwg rather than having to build it yourself.

Principal hats:  Linaro, Debian, Wookware, ARM

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