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[libredwg] Creating dwg with dwgadd.

From: Martin
Subject: [libredwg] Creating dwg with dwgadd.
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 20:52:28 +0200
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Here I summarize what I have so far managed to get working and understand regarding the file needed for dwgadd.
1 ) The end of the carriage is "\r\n" and not "\n".
2) There has to be at least one # header.
3) This worked:
line (1 2 0) (2 3 0)
4) This did not work:
line (1 2 0) (2 3 0)
line.color = 3 (nor line.color = "3")
line.layer = "name"

What am I doing wrong?
Does anyone have more information about a real case of this file with colors styles layers etc.?

I need an example in which the colors, layers and styles are saved, could someone manage to do it? could you share an example?


Martín Belmonte.

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