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Re: [Libreboot] [Libreboot-dev] tasks for first libreboot stable release

From: Robin Vobruba
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] [Libreboot-dev] tasks for first libreboot stable release in 2016
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2016 10:00:22 +0200

i just tried build 55 on my x60, and saw that suspend is still not working.
i alos have an x200 that i am not using for anything at the moment,
and i would like to bisect to find the faulty commit. optimally i
would liek to just do the testing, and not compile eveyrthing myself,
or .. well, just automate as much as possible.
so you can please explain what exactly i woudl have to test.. woudl it
be commits of the librebot repo, or of the coreboot repo, or what
else, and can i get a list of roms for that, or would i have ot build
stuff myself, and could i use a single build env then, ...
in other words, i wnat to do the stupid, repetetive stuff, wihtout
fiddling too much.
plus-points if i would get only roms that actually boot, so i would
not have to reflash with SPI, ever.

2016-05-16 13:53 GMT+02:00, Leah Woods <address@hidden>:
> Hash: SHA1
> Before release is ideal, but we can do a release prior to the changeover
> .
> Op 11/05/16 om 18:33 schreef Paul Kocialkowski:
>> Hey,
>> Le lundi 09 mai 2016 à 15:37 +0100, Leah Woods a écrit :
>>> We want to get a new stable release out of libreboot as soon as
>>> possible. Here is the list of tasks:
>> Shouldn't we wait for the release to bring-in the new build
>> system?
>> I won't have time to work on it before 3 weeks at best (exams
>> period). If that doesn't fit with the release schedule, I think you
>> should release before it's ready. Otherwise, if other pieces needed
>> for the release are not ready earlier, I'll work on it so that it
>> can be part of the release. However, it might be better to have
>> some testing of it (at least for some weeks) before actually
>> releasing stuff with it.
>>> We need help, so if anyone can get involved that would be
>>> appreciated. Thanks!
>> Cheers!
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