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[Libreboot] RAM for a Thinkpad X200

From: Duncan Guthrie
Subject: [Libreboot] RAM for a Thinkpad X200
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2016 11:56:58 +0100
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Dear fellow Libreboot users,
I have recently purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad X200, meaning to install
Libreboot on it.
I want to upgrade the RAM before I attempt to flash Libreboot, but I am
quite confused by the page about installing Libreboot on the X200
( It says
that I need "DDR3 SODIMM PC3-8500 RAM". I quickly browsed some online
stores, and they mostly sell "PC3-12800" DDR3 RAM. I do not know what
this means, but at any rate, is there any reason why PC3-12800 RAM would
not be compatible with Libreboot, or the X200 without Libreboot?
I'm also quite confused about how to find out whether RAM is 2Rx8
density as the page on the Libreboot documentation specifies. Am I
simply to assume that most RAM available is of this specification?
I'm also wondering whether I need to buy pairs, or whether it would be
fine to use one single slot, as the page on the Libreboot documentation
is seemingly contradicting itself. For instance, it appears that for 8G
total, I would need a pair of 4G in the two slots. However, could I not
just buy a single 4G and install it in slot 0 (that's what seems to be
the case).

Kind regards,

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