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[Libreboot] Classical (like Phoenix) BIOS menu

From: nicolas . bourbaki
Subject: [Libreboot] Classical (like Phoenix) BIOS menu
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 23:10:27 +0200

Hello everybody out there using libreboot,

My Lenovo x60t is now running libreboot (vesa) rom, but I get a grub login 
showing a gnu with a flut in front of a monitor.
I was wondering whether there is a blue-greyish classical BIOS menu (like 
ones) where I can for example set a boot sequence.
Moreover, I was not sure whether I should install the txt or vesa version of 
the BIOS.
What would be the difference? Wouldn't I see the gnu background but a plain 
text one instead?
Can I switch between a plain text and a graphical one after having installed 
the graphical one?
The battery LED status is now blinking all the time and indeed, removing the 
power cable results in immediate poweroff. Could this be a problem due to 
libreboot. Is there a way I could fix it?

Kind regards,

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