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[Libreboot] x200 tablet's LCD panel HV121WX6-110, supported?

From: arielmazatlan
Subject: [Libreboot] x200 tablet's LCD panel HV121WX6-110, supported?
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 16:43:25 -0700

Hello everyone. 

I have a x200 tablet and I was hoping to get it librebooted, and I'm
trying to figure out if it would be possible to do so. I uploaded some

I'm reading the following:

I quite do not understand the part where it talks about “AFFS/IPS

Using “sudo get-edid | strings” I found that my LCD panel is a

The refereed page starts with “All LCD panels...  X200 Tablet are known
to work” but then it recommends some specific models without the glass
touchscreen protection or the digitizer (which could be removed), so I'm
a little confuse. Will my HV121WX6-110 LCD panel work or do I have to
get one of the recommended ones in that article?

Also the article proceeds talking about some LED backlit panel. My x200
tablet has some lights indicators on the back of the screen, would that
mean that I'm in the case mentioned there were I'll need to get an
inverter of some sort? I don't really need those LEDs, couldn't I just
remove them all along if that were the case?

Maybe I misunderstanding it all and it's all just a recommendation, but
I feel it's not very well explained. Also there doesn't seem to be any
mention of my HV121WX6-110 LCD panel on the site, so I'm a little worry
it won't work.

Thank you all.

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