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Re: [Libreboot] GNU libreboot - documentation and build system needed

From: Francis Rowe
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] GNU libreboot - documentation and build system needed
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2015 15:51:28 +0000
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Hi Niall,

Op 02/12/15 om 14:06 schreef Niall Dooley:
> Hi Francis,
> I'd be happy to help out with this. In fact, I've been looking for
> ways I could help the project as I'm only beginning to learn some
> programming skills and obviously not at any level to contribute
> technically yet. I would too need to learn texinfo which I'm happy
> to do. I'm already learning GNU Emacs which I believe has a texinfo
> mode which may help in this regard. I can look into how to use the
> other tools like make also.

Thanks! I'm also learning emacs as well, while playing with texinfo.
Emacs isn't actually needed for texinfo, I only mentioned that because
there is a special mode for it in emacs but you can use any editor.

> Did you have a deadline for this work in mind? If you do then I
> could gauge how much effort is required on my part and how much
> time I need to set aside for this work. I will be travelling home
> on the 16th Dec for two weeks and so would have these two full
> weeks where I could dedicate a large part of my time to this work.
> Between now and the 16th I could do as much as I could with work
> commitments etc.

There's no specific deadline. I'm just looking for people to work with
since I'm also working on other tasks. I would like to get a release
out some time this or next month, 20150518 is getting a bit long in
the tooth.

> I am having an issue with my (X60s) machine at the moment which I
> may contact you about separately if that is okay and if I'm unable
> to resolve it myself.

That's fine. I'm happy to help.

Francis Rowe.

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